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Innovation vs. Throne of Thunder, the recap.

Somewhere during the vacation, Innovation took down Lei Shen Normal. It was on a Sunday-evening (which made the tuesday a free day that week), and I was playing on my Laptop. But how did we get there?

We didn't actually started right away with ToT when 5.4 hit. We did kill Jin'rokh of course, but we still had to finish 5.2. According to my post "end of 14th tier" we really started one month after 5.2 came out, and it took us around 3.5 months to clear ToT after that.

But most of this post is from memory, so let's go... (dates are from the screenshots on our website)

11-3 Jin'rokh the Breaker

Not much to say about this one, we had some problems with dead melee at the start, but once we figured out that they died because a ball was pulled through them after a storm he went down fast. Fun part is that we actually never steered him to regulate the tank-drop until we started doing the heroic version.

12-4 Horridon

Oh god, a so called ON-Boss, we had roadblocks with ElegON and GaralON this expansion, and this was the same. A big dinosaur, adds with nasty mechanics everywhere, so a lot of mayhem. But, it is one of those bosses with lots of mechanics that most of the time matter for other roles, so when we found out or path, he went down easily.

25-4 Council of Elders

Looking at the dates, it seems we had problems with this boss, but iirc, we were still doing some T14 for the tier sets during the first month after killing Sha. Actually I only remember one night of wiping. we figured out what was our biggest problem, i.e. Sul, made sure he became empowered second and never again. After that it was just making sure you didn't kill yourself on Mankirk... or something like that  :p

15-5 Megaera

Now Tortos that was...wait Megaera, what happened? Well, there was a guild-meet, so not enough people to raid. So they decided to do a 10 man and plower through Tortos, next raid was full again so we slaughtered the three-headed dragon. This was quickly done, just changing some colors around, think we went with BRBRGRB or something.  Green was 5th...

22-5 Tortos

The turtle on 25 took another week. According to the ten people who killed it, the 25-version was a little harder, mostly due to less adds on 10. Oh well, he went down.

28-5 Ji-Kun

A week later, the Bird was up.. I am seeing almost the same trend in T15 as T14, it takes us about one week for every boss, but after that, not much wiping. This was a fun boss, fly around, kill some birds and move on. The trick is for everyone to follow their path, and don't on heroic..this is a complete different fight....

12-6 Durumu the Forgotten

Eye-boss. Don't move when blue, run to rd, run in circles, do not stand in unseeable blue stuff, follow green, dont get pushed of platform.  Seem hectic,  but once we got the purply swirly stuff under control, it was fairly easy.

18-6 Primordius

I have no idea, and still have no idea how we do this boss. Heroism always comes to early for me, and for me it is mostly getting buffs ASAP, staying out of bad... trying to get no debuff..and then figuring out there's only 3% left...

23-6 Dark Animus

Thumbwrestling for 6 minutes and then OMGWTFKill it quickly. On 25 normal, you can actually do it without the fire running around. So, get aggro on your mob, wait till it gets eaten by the tank, then kill everything the tank pulls, and then kill Dark Animus, again ignoring big adds.  It took us 6 pulls or so. Finetuning the walking was all that was done.

27-6 Iron Qon

Fire (or whatever) tracks around, group up, tornadoes, shields are up captain. A lot is happening, but just as with Horridon in phases. So Learn one phase, then the next. Four days after Animus, so not that hard.

27-6 Twin Consorts

This was a very hard fight, a lot of wipes until we mastered it..well..  remember Lei Shi...  this was easier. Innovation went in, pew-pewee, and we had ourselves a real one-shot. So only one boss left....

28-7 Lei Shen

....which took us a little longer. Which is not that bad, it's the end-boss, it should be harder. There was a lot of changing tactics, when to pull a boss away, and of course, he getting-into-the-groove when Lei Shen stood in the middle. We extended once or twice, and it was vacation of course, which also took some raiders away, myself included. But, in the middle of Summer, he, a little unexpected, went down.

After that.

In the last Month, Innovation also took down Jin'Rokh on Heroic, and we are trying that with Ji'kun, but next week Ogrimmar awaits. In conclusion, we did well. We started a little late, but progressed nicely through the tier.

Now we have to face Hellscream and the flex-raids...oh my....wait, 4 different raid-levels with 6 different I-levels, are they mad?  But that's another post I guess....

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