maandag 9 september 2013

Innovation eats Heroic Eggs

Last week of Throne, one more evening of wiping, and boy, this was an interested fight.

Ji-Kun Heroic, wipes 22 (although I missed one night), kills: 1

The whole fight revolves around watching boss cooldowns, and being on your nest in time.  I was assigned to group Green, which meant I had nest-wave 3,7,9,13,14. 

On the upper nest my Celestial Allignment was up, and with Mozzie the Shadowpriest, that would be enough, so Gestalt the Rogue could continue stabbing Ji-Kun.

On the lower nest, Gestalt would help, and here happened a fun thing. The moment we where finished with the lower nest, a 'feed young'  was about to happen.  When caught, this would give you a nice buff. One problem, the cooldown for that coincided for group Green with a Downdraft. So we where just standing for 10 seconds on a lower nest, while our teammates probably went ballistic with downdraft, flew up just in time to catch food...

Of course something hiccup during the last fight. Apparantly Henghao the Resto-shammy was killed just before Mozzie and me jumped down to nest 9...  I noticed it a split second to late, and boom, both of us hit the dust. But at 20% only 4 people where down...  

This thursday, Siege of Ogrimmar is on, let's see what the orcs bring us.

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