zondag 18 augustus 2013

Turns lights on

I think I have written about this before, the fact that I only write when something comes up in my mind, and while enough came up in my mind the last few months during Innovation's Journey through the Throne of Thunder, I choose to keep them for my own... mostly.

There are different factors for that, both Real Life as WoW-life, but I think the most important is that I have no idea how to write about tries as only a simple soldier.

Two years ago... or is that four...  it was easier. Being officer/raid leader, I could just write the truth and be done with it, but the truth will hurt people most of the time. But back then I was in a progression-focused Guild, and if you did not try your best, well, you would be 'asked' to be better or leave. That was how that guild functioned. Innovation functions different.

In the past I could just use a name when someone did something wrong (or right), because well, if you did it wrong, it was your problem, not mine. But now that I am a simple soldier, I can not put some name down, because he may get offended by it. As a non-officer I feel that it is not my position to open question fellow raiders...well....  at least not on an open blog, privately though :p

So, a lot of times I wanted to write about stuff, but did not do it because I didn't want to offend someone. I have to find a way around that I suppose.

It also had an effect on non-guild wow-things. Just because I had to much possible blogs running around in my head, that I could not actually focus on a subject.

Well, because I hardly blogged during 5.4, I can at least do a nice 5.4 look back series I guess. So, let's see if I can finish the posts called like 'Why Thunderforged is bad', 'Innovation vs Throne of Thunder, a Boomkins view'. (Yes, rough working titles)

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