dinsdag 9 april 2013

End of the 14th Tier

So... after some very long nights wiping in Terrace, Innovation finally took down the last boss of...wait..  what.. long nights of wiping?

After completely goofing up elite protectors last week, and still taking it down. And that same night we saved Tsulong... you know..with me doing more healing on the boss then damage and saving his plant, we went back tonight for the next boss Lei Shi.

As normal, no problem with the first three bosses and then...wait..oh yeah... I think the strategy talk lasted longer then the actual one-shot-first-kill. I am not even sure we lost people there.

So, on to Sha.. probably harder...  well...not. It took us two tries to figure out how the platforms worked...  and then everybody stayed alive..tadaa, job done.  Maybe do it once or twice more, but actually, most LFR-T15 stuff is better then what drops here, so I guess we will be focusing on the big dino more now....

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