donderdag 4 april 2013

LFR wiping and learning, Durumu

Eyes shut...finally. It took about 7 tries.

It's not that hard a fight in theory. run around with beams, drop purple stuff on outside, kill some adds...  but then the disintegration beam goes of, and the dark floor is covered with a darkish purply stuff which paths in it that are safe...a maze...

Now if the maze would have been green on grey with paths in it, no problem, but the current color-combination makes it really hard to see where to go. So instead of doing a relaxing LFR, you get a frustrating experience where you stare so hard at the screen that your eyes go sore....  and of course, one mis-step is certain doom.

No, I am not looking forward to doing this boss  to many times....

On the bright side...  elite Protectors went down without a glitch..well..not counting the 22 dead people, and we saved Tsulong...where I did more healing on the boss then damage....tonight Horridon is again on the menu...or we hope, because until now, we were on his menu.

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