vrijdag 7 januari 2011

Bridge-exploit? or is it?

I am playing at the moment, so not much writing... well actually, I have enough time to write something, because I am trying to get the epic stuff fors casters from archaelogy, and waiting for TB to switch sides, so I can hand in quests.

So, I have a lot of time to just surf the web. I refound tankspot, found the moonkin resporitory-something, and just fly around from one dig-site to the next.

I am lucky though, I already have the Tol'vir ring..... now trying to get the Nelf-trinket, and the Tol'vir staff.... or dorf staff, but keeping to Kalimdor atm. Just flying around, digging stuff. Luckily I am a druid in a lvl9 guild. Teleport:moonglade and 15min Heartstone FTW

Now on to Tol Barad, I really started doing the dailies today, and also tried to get into a fight. Well... that went well. But I was surfing da internet and found numerous posts, and a gamebreaker-video, talking about the bridge-exploit in Tol Barad.

For those who don't know, if you que up for TB, and the raid is full, you can actually stand on the bridge for around 6 seconds before ported a few yards back. When on that spot, you are considered IN Tol Barad, and if the battle ends, everyone in TB, in raid or outside raid, just IN the zone, gets honor for completeing (win/loss doesn't matter). So the exploit is to stand on that spot when a battle ends for free honor...well free?

Let's look at it a bit closer. As far as I know, only 80 people can actually participate in a TB-battle. 40 Horde, 40 Alliance, just like an Alterac Valley. But Tol Barad is not on a different server like other BG's. Just like wintergrasp, it is server-specific. That means that on a very busy server like AD, only 80 people can actually participate in a battle, the rest has to sit-out.

Now let's look a moment at PVE-raiding. All guilds I was in had a rule that if you where available to raid, but weren't chosen, that you still got some DKP for being there. This is both an incentive to actually sign for raids, and a little compensation because you are online for the raid, while not raiding.

Now, in my humble opinion; IF you actually take time to stand on the bridge, and be ready for the battle, why not get a little honor in exchange? You already miss out the HK's, but with this you actually get something back for being available. And it's not AFK-farming, you actually have to move in/out to get it.

Now, TB itself is hopelessy unbalanced (see greedygoblin). But I did see (and participate in some) 4 TB-battles today. The horde has a simple strategy for defense. 30 people go counterclockwise around the towers, taking them with a lot of force. That leaves 10 free to simply guard the previous tower taken, until the current one is taken. Rince and repeat.

The alliance only way to get all towers is to actually have around 30 people at the same spot as the horde, while simultaneously holding the other 2 forts with around 7 people to counter the 10man of the horde, so... a quick math later. Can 24 hold 30? If yes--->win, if no--->loss.

Oh well... it is PvP... what do I care....


.... oh yeah..dailies for PVE-trinkets.

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