dinsdag 11 januari 2011

Magmaw mowned down..

After 2.5 hours, several wipes (see skeletons), I got my first raid-boss-kill in a full guildrun since a long time

We did it with only 22 people, and it took some tries to get the fire-pillar sorted. If we all got out in time, we had no problems with the little adds, but seeing a red circle spawning, between all the 'good' blue/green/whatever on the ground can be tricky, specially when a new aoe-healing-spell has just been cast. Those tend to be brighter then the red circle.

It was a real wiping-->learning fight. In the end we had one of the DK's kite the adds around, and we had divided the raid into two, screw you tactics... time to find something else. To bad I died in the end, not because of adds, or a pillar, but probably due to Triage-Healing. Not all players, where actually ready for raids, at least gear-wise.

If this continues, I think I have a good stay there :)

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