woensdag 19 januari 2011

Mental Note

I should try to make more posts, before this turns into a 'look-what-we-killed-today'-blog...(well, actually tuesday)

But luckily I have some more things on my mind. Like Tobolds suggestion that if you CAN tank and/or heal, you should, instead of whining about long waiting times... which is probably true, but alas, retired tank here, so I just take the long times.

And of course there is a new patch looming with lots of information, and paragon took 11 druids...QQ, and lazorchickens are doing 25k dps... which is a lot, etcetera, etcetera...

But what really caught my attention this week was this:

Honors Code : This really was the hardest button to push

Now, there have been bloggers in the past who stopped blogging because they stopped playing, like Phaelia and BRK. But what caught my eye was the reason honors stopped, he just doesn't have anything to say anymore, and (I quote):

But blogging and doing it well takes a commitment of time that I’m simply not able to give right now.

He will still be playing, but he is just not going to blog about it. This of course everyone saw coming. Honors changed his main, and had very little posts last months. And tbh, I think if I had a wife/gf (oooh, personal information), my blogging also would stop... on the other hand, this blog is more a journal of my travels through WoW, so if for months nothing happens...well then there will be no post.

I have the utmost respect for people that write a post every single day.... I could just not do it.

And for Honors, keep the blog, and just write when you like, not write because you need to fill a blog, but write whenever you like, or feel the need to it, because you can. (well, that is how I write).


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