dinsdag 14 december 2010

I am no stranger to love...

Yes, we have been rick rolled... well, if you did the Vashjir-quests.

Just a quick recap.

Gowron went Hyjal(complete)-Deepholm(complete)-Uldum (till 84)-Highlands and was 85 last friday-night....


I find it tedious to tank, and I feel I don't have the piece of mind to do many tanking at the moment. I did level some alts up after that. My hunter to 81, and my SP to 82, but damn, do I need a lot of ore for those three.

Actually.... I find my lazer-chicken on the allie-side much more enjoying at the moment, has to do something with the Flying Form. I did some dungeons with her, and yes, the last word is not out yet, but they seem a lot more fun than mindless wrath-spamming... and now of to Uldum.

2 opmerkingen:

Smodish zei

Wait on your lazor chicken till your combat raitings drop so low you have as little as 12% crit and 10% haste... then its no fun at all anymore :/

Regards, Cochana

André zei

mmm, so I can cast Starfire, get a coffee, and be back in time for the next cast....