dinsdag 21 december 2010

Get out of the...

So, I have been making lightshows in heroics the last few days. And there are some things that spring to mind.

First off, if I get one boss down in a heroic, I consider it a succes. The number of times wipes occur, or that you are invited into a 'dungeon-in-progress', which dissolves after you zone in. Or the tank that leaves because his shield didn't drop.

Luckily, I just did a streak (with a tank from AD) of three dungeons, where the name of this blog really was true. We wiped some, we learned, we succeeded. It also helped that the tank/healer+ 2 DPS where constantly the same, just changing 1 DPS between dungeons.

So... I got my first Chaos Orb, which I need 5. I got a lot of 346-upgrades, bought the JP-helmet. Reforged to Spirit/Hit and haste (now being .03% over hitcap). Put a very expensive enchant on my 346-dagger. And I think I am ready for raiding.....

...now I only need a guild to do that. Well... maybe... I did put an application somewhere, which hopefully rejoins me with a friend.

Oh yeah... the title of this blog...

Most heroic bosses have the same basic principle. Kill Adds, stay out of bad, and sometimes, get into the good. There is a real big difference to what most DPS are accustomed to. DPS on the boss is not that important. Burning down adds, and your own survival is.

If you have to choose between a damage-spell and a healing spell, the choice is already made. If you have to think about it, heal yourself. Help the healers, stay alive, stay out of bad.

Now, as a Boomkin, I have a lot of stuff to help healers. Healing myself up, popping a Tranquility if needed. Casting a glyphed Solar Beam on trash. Rooting....(My Bear bar is three buttons: Growl, Nature's Grasp, entangling Roots), sleeping if needed. Control the damage.

He who controls the damage, controls the fight.

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