woensdag 22 december 2010

...and trial again.

Yup, I am in a raiding-guild again, well, a guild that is going to raid if all are 85. Best part of being in a guild is....


No more dependant on stupid PuGs, which often dissolve after 1 wipe.

So, last night I did 4 heroics with my new guildies (or about 4). We didn't AoE the trash down, but CC was also not used often. I even got my first heroic achievement: Arrested Development, which needs you to kill the three guys with Corla before you kill Corla (evolving adds).

Talking about Corla.... she still has the bracers I want. The only 346-bracers for resto/balance in the game. Yes, there sgould also be a BoE drop from Tol'Vir...but rumors say they don't drop.

Look now, I am talking about gear, well, I am getting myself ready for raids now.... Today I will get exalted with the Highland Dorfs, so I'll get my first 2 epix :). And I must start hunting Trinkets....the two I want most are from Grim Batol and Blackrock.... so I probably need to que for those before I do a random.

And I need an option for my Justice Points. Don't need them for gear anymore...

And on a different note: read this.
At the end it says: ONLY FOR CRAFTERS WITH SKILL 525, nice...

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