vrijdag 15 oktober 2010


Oh... look who is glaring trough the trees... no there... what do you mean you need time to turn? Surely it doesn't last that long? Does it???

Patch 4.0.something shitty happened. All my addons need re-applying. I can handle that. I have around 12 specs to figure out on all my alts. I can handle that.

But the FPS of 1, yes ONE, in Dalaran, and sometimes in the middle of no-where (lvl25 hunter just outside X-roads), really is shitty. Turning down a lot of graph-thingies, and then dying because the graph of a hellfire-or-something didn't really show up on your screen. Those are things I don't like.

Also the multitude of little graphical errors (little green bars just above the red x on bags for example) are very annoying.

The fact that I have a guild-tag, can see who is in the guild, but get the message 'You are not in a guild' when I try to type in /g is even more annoying. Means I have to /gquit and be reinvited.

But the worst part is, I don't like Tankadinning at the moment. How the hell did those Holy Combo Powerpoint Crap got past the Beta. Do I look like a Rogue/Kitty??? And it is just boring. CS-J-CS-some aoe-CS-SHoR until it hits, rince and repeat. With all the changes we just got another sequence, from 696 to 393.... /rejoice. And with our build-up threat through that getting-hit-for-more-AP-mechanic, one miss-click will hurt. Hope that the DPS don't target the wrong mob, because all your spell will be screwed through different CD's.

And I hate it that I don't have Pursuit of Justice now.

Look, as tank I now have to be completely awake/sober/clear/not-distracted to work. Keeping rotation up, keeping track of threat on different targets, keeping track of what the mobs are doing, current and future, keeping track of healers mana.... and the rest of the freaking stuff that is happening, what mob does what? How to walk... but wait, give us something new... combo points... really, I don't like the point, and I don't like the cast-sequence.

happy now all you OH-NOES-if CS is on 4 sec CD we have empty GCD's...... at least those GCD could be used to throw a Hand or look around...

On the other hand, Smiting Healers are fun :)

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