zondag 24 oktober 2010

Level 800 , yes... Hundred.

Over the weekend the last two spots where taken in my army of alts. Whiteyyama, the troll warrior (formerly known as Whiteheart, the dwarf warrior) put asides his two big weapons and cleaned of his stashed tanking-gear. 4 hours later, Ezrila, the shadowy disco priest also reached the end of the road (not sure, but I think she is also an original Argent Dawner)

So, that's a goal reached. A level 80 of every class before cata hits. So what did I do on sunday?

I made an undead rogue.... you should know that my other rogue is parked on Sha'tar, so I actually don't have a rogue anymore on Argent Dawn. But she's more a in between step I guess.

I did some early stuff and I found out some nice surprises while levelling.

Lifeblood, the herbalism special ability, used to be a Heal over Time. Now it is an instant heal (around 1k at 80) and gives you 240 haste for 20 seconds (2min CD/lvl80). Did I miss the notes? This is a nice upgrade, making it a very good profession I guess.

On herbing, and mining (and I guess skinning), that gives xp now. At lvl75-80 it gave Whitey twice as much xp as killing stuff... but but, the flowers got sharp points, and it hurts me???

Oh, and I found some stange greenies. A lvl10 back with 1 agility AND 1 hit rating. And a lvl8 shield with 2 spellpower.... Did Blizzard also changed the variables for green drops in the last patch? I have yet to see a mail piece with spirit... oh, wait, that actually makes sense now.

And I actually had to discover Wailing Caverns, before I could que for that. DM,SFK and RFC where free btw.

And low level rogues in heirloom are OP.... stealth-ambush-dead mob... and they got a self-heal??? Where's the world going to....mmm. Oh Yeah, a Cataclysm (corny I know)

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