dinsdag 12 oktober 2010

NOOES, to many new talents...

Let me see, with all the alts i have, and now every class played till 72, I have a little problem with all the new talents. My next week will probably be spend figuring out how they all work, what they do, how to glyph, and how to reforge... around 13 characters...oh my.

And what is this about 939.... look like 969. I thought and hoped I would be free of the GCD-key-tapping. To have some time to look around... but no... hit Crusader Strike (What? am I ret?), hit another button, hit CS..etc.... And Holy Power, the Paladin-rogues.... or something. Luckily I have a 66-tankadin, to get a feel for it, before I actually see all... or I am shanghaied into a dungeon by fellow SAN-ers.

Now, it's time for (another) mind-quake.

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