dinsdag 18 november 2008


I didn't play WoW this weekend, instead, I went out with a friend, and lost 3 days to having fun, and happiness.

Personally it feels good, and when I logged on last night, I couldn't care less about some of the level80's in he guild now. No regret for having fun with a friend. I played for 3 hours, getting another 50%, and just getting me to level72, and again I missed it. Just like when I hit 71, I was congratulated by a friend, and my first respons was: what, why?

I may be to focused to see the 'ding' when fighting 7-8 mobs at a time :p

I found another piece of upgrade for my retri-set, but normally, everything I get is sharded. I have the luck to get enough stuff from friends to shard, but I am not really yet levelling my professions.

I am however in Dalaran, we used the BG-trick to get in. Friday it was still quiet, but last night, the crowd was already bigger. But do yourself a favor, and go to Shat... for the peace of mind :p. I dont think this Citi will be visited much anymore, so why not blow it up :P

well, I may try to hit 73 tonight, although its still 94% away...nah... I'll be 80 in 3 weeeks orso...

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