vrijdag 14 november 2008

...and here we go.

Aftre 1 hour loading, I finally entered WoW. 3 empty bags, retri-gear (sans weapon/shield/libram), and of I was, quickyly picking up master enchanting/fishing/cooking/first aid/blacksmithing. Not that I am gonna level BS soon, but it gave an achievement :p

I started at Vengeance Landing, and it was less crowdy then I thought. Somewhere along the road to New Agamand I saw several turkeys, so I quickly killed 15 :p.

There is a real irritating quest in NA, walking between a table and a cookpot :p, and the /1 LF Anton, was hilariuos. LAter on the evening, I went the Utgarde Keep (named UK, looking for tank to UK???, You want me to tank the United Kingdom??), and also completed the Nexus, fairly easy instances. Along the way I picked up a Blue Shoulder for my retri-set (wOOt, first replacement), and I encounterd a defense-shoulder, almost as good as T6...almost, it's now a shard.

after 4.6 hours playing, I was at around 75% of the next level, exactly like planned. And I found the XP in instances not satisfying... now where the &%&* is the FP Borean Tundra :p

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