maandag 24 november 2008

Block Capped

Well, us Tankadins have a nice new word: Block Capped

So now I am going to throw a lot of new calculations your way...NOT
remember 102.4%, the old uncrushability-factor, well, now its called block-cap.

What does it mean, well very simple, if you reach block-cap, EVERY hit will either be a miss, a block, a parry or a dodge, so you never take the full 'normal' hit of a boss anymore. Depending on your Block Value, you will take less damage/hit. It's so simple.

Now comes the fun part, let's look at our fellow tanks.
-Deathknight, no shield, will take normal hits all the time.
-Druids, no shield, will take normal hits all the time
-Warriors, shield, but their Shield Wall (or whatever their Holy Shield is called) can't be maintained all the time, so they will take normal hits

Tankadins on the other hand can now have Holy Shield up ALL the time (last 10s, CD 8s). That means we will take damage of every hit (for T7 around 1200-1500). Thats a lot less damage-intake then a warrior (our eternal nemesis).

Now remember the old rules, when you reach Block Cap, the first to be absolete is Block. So get that 102.4%, but dont go too much over it using Block Rating. Actually, it's the same as in TBC, use BR to get there fast, and then replace BR with dodge or parry. But I think dodge/parry is still better, unless you can reach Block Cap. So if you are sitting near the Cap, and you have to choose between dodge/parry or blockrating, look if blockrating gets you over 102.4%. If yes, take BR, if no, take dodge/parry.

And to quote something:
Normal Hits are the new crushing blows

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