donderdag 6 november 2008

...and again we get nerfed.

Well, if you want to know about all our nerfs, go visit the official forums. Retridins had to be nerfed, but in the progress, both tankadins and healadins also got shafted... So it seems Blizzard does have an idea where to go with Paladins, but have no Idea how to get there.

I now have heard several stories about Tankadins quitting, because they are fed up with all the . From the beginning of WoW, Tankadins where the hardest class to play, absolutely not being needed in Classic, and when TBC rolled in (when I start playing), a brave few took it on them to prove we could tank. I am proud I was one of them. Yes I have been kicked out of parties (even SH) because I was a Prot-Paladin. I have witnessed the wrong ideas and opinions, but around christmas 2007, Tankadins where considered the best Instance-tanks, and also where very valuable in Kara (all undead).

I know have the feeling that we need to start all over again, to prove ourselves. Some tankadins, can't handle that again, and are shelving their paladins. I however, will, if needed, be one of those, that will prove, Paladins can Tank, and even outtank every other class, because we are Paladins, throw something negative at us, and we will turn it into something positive for us. We did that in the past, we are doing it now, and we will continue doing that.

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For Glory


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