dinsdag 5 november 2019

A month later....

....and I basically don't play endgame Classic that much, I do have the opportunity to do so, but I don't think I like to play two endgames. I do however like levelling alts, levelling professions, running around for hours on one level just doing quests. So I am slowly levelling multiple alts on classic, while sometimes healing an endgame dungeon.

On retail, I finally managed to do tw Mechagon runs... and I apparently need 6 more, although that may change with the next patch. The essence from there will be BiS after that patch, not using it at the moment.

Innovation definately has the whole Eternal Palace on farm, although some silly wipes still happen. There is some talk about mythic between now and the new patch, which I would feel fine about.. loot-wise I may want one ring from Azshara, but that is it. And the raid it self feels really done now, especially because we can clear it in one night if we really want.

About Blizzcon, my Tankadin heart is jumpy, return of the Auras, now we only need the return of the Blessings... Pally Power FTW. For Druids, I would really like the return of Mark of the Wild. It does goes against 'Bring the Player, not the Class', but well.. I never really believed in that anyway...

No news about sending the forced Personal Loot to the very depths of the Shadowlands. And that other horrible thing, Titanforging, is going away in the next patch...somehow..not sure what to think about that yet.

Shadowlands looks nice, but I am going to withold any real thoughts about that till we now more about Covenants and stuff.... one thing though....Level-squish, I like where they are going..

From level 1-10 you have a decidated starter zone (newly developed???), for all non-allied races. At level 10 you can choose any expansion to fully level to 50 (except if you are a new player, then it will be BFA) and then level to 60 in Shadowlands. I feel like I will be alting much more like that.

It also has the potential to be re-used over and over... think about it.. let's say Patch 10 comes around.. Blizzard can easily squish levels again and we can level from 50-60 in Rise of the Lich Queen (or something), and new players have to level 10-50 in the Shadowlands...

..and someone somewhere in one of the panels said that levelling should be rewarding again... is that a hint to ye ole talentsystem?

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