vrijdag 4 oktober 2019

No 400 : Azshara and Level 60

Two things happened this week.

Innovation took down Azshara down on Heroic, and my Priest Ezrila turned 60.

I have a very strange sense about the Eternal Palace. The raid was released just before summer vacation. I think I did up to Azshara on Normal before the vacation started. And then, for six weeks I was not online that often. So when I got back from vacation, I had mostly no idea what the bosses did. It took me till 2 weeks ago to find out how the second boss works.

It was not till after that, that the bosses finally 'clicked' for me. And that also meant I started again to throw heavier punches around, it is all about knowing where to be at the right time for Boomers. The kill on Sunday was a typical Innovation-kill. 10 minutes left on the flask, last pull of the evening, and although at the end only the tanks, healers and one or two dps where alive, she did went down.

I also am not a fan of the current gearing-system. I just want to be done with gearing, and the last two expansions, the artifact and neck stuff isn't working for me. And now these essences, I am just 'meh' whatever. I do have three 3-essences, but they are not the best, but I can not be bothered to really farm others, the whole system isn't really working for me.

But, we have our target, Ahead of the Curve, now, when is the next raid?

Ezrila grinding some Furlborgs to 60
On Hydraxian Waterlords, Ezrila dinged 60 on Wednesday. The last 40% I was just killing Felwood Satyrs for Felcoth or Winterspring Furlborgs. Till level 40, I levelled as Spirit-tapping Discipline, after that it was of course 31 points to get Shadowform, and than back to Discipline. I healed a lot of dungeons like that.

There is a big shortage of tanks. LookingForGroup is continuously filled with LF Tank. And most of the time, groups are under-level for the last bosses of a dungeon. Atlasloot e.g. gives a level-range from 12-17 for Ragefire Chasm, my little Rogue actually had all the quests on level 11. But last boss is 15, can be hard on lvl12 tanks.

Same I had with the Sunken Temple, Ezrila healed it twice with a mostly underlevel group, didn't work on last boss. I am also not keen on starting tanking, I have healed enough to see that Aggro is a bitch. Shamans opening with Earth Shock, Multi-Shotting Hunters at pull, or the silly DPS-warrior in my last BRD run (when I already was 60), who actually made sure to NOT attack the tanks target, and then starting complaining that the shaman didn't drop WF-totem.

After hitting 60, after 10 days played, Ezrilla respecced 21/30/0, getting Divine Spirit in Disco. The 31-Holy option is going Death Angel and Lightwell... which I clearly remember being shite. Most people have no idea how to use that. As I said, I did a BRD run as Healer after that. It went ok for most of the time. I just have to make sure that I don't forget to heal myself.

Also, down-ranked spells... I have down-ranked bot Heal and Greater Heal on hotkeys, so I Have 4 different slow-heals. Around 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 Health-points. I also have a down-ranked Reju...rr..Renew on hotkeys. No down-ranking for Flash Heal, if I have to use that, it is already shit hitting the fan. And as last, a down-rank for Prayer of Healing, very efficient spell if everyone is damaged.

I am now basically waiting till our tank hits ST/BRD range. And hope for some better gear. Also.. time for Classic Alts

And lastly... this is my 400th blog-post... hurray?

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