donderdag 4 december 2014

Time to slow down...

It's just too much, or it was too much. Last friday, I figured out I had to level 20 followers to 100 to get a better bunker, which I really wanted that week for the free seal. I had only 11 of the 20. And to make things worse, I didn't even had 9 below-100 on Mardah. Luckily the barracks where about to finish, giving me the oppurtunity to reactivate some, but still... it seemed impossible.

Of course, with all the info, I missed a clue, which I luckily figured out the next day. A lot of those lvl3-building achievements are account-wide. Including this I went Alt-mad. All my alts armies went on a rampage all through Draenor, doing as many quests as possible. Even quests with 51% chance to succeed where accepted, there is still base-xp.

To speed things up, I found it logical to get one of my alts closer to 100, like 96 to make another herb-garden, and to pick up some higher level followers.... I overshot a little, and my Shaman Verulani hit 100 somewhere on Sunday, ending with nagrand berries...

On Monday, I logged in after work, and did all my alts followers for the whole evening. This meant keeping check when to get back on an alt for finished missions. The first round, just logging in on every alt in Draenor, now 5 (excluding the Horde-Paladin), concluding missions, sending followers away, doing daily cooldowns, mining, sometimes herbing, took me a full hour. At which point the first missions where complete again....

At the end of the evening, I was 4 folloowers raised short, but I also had 1 lvl100 on Mardah, and a full party on Verulani who had a big chance to ding next morning...which they did. The completed Bunker gave me my first seal in the afternoon...  and I had made one thing clear to myself...I was not going to keep this up.

So, basically, I decided for myself that the micro-managing was over. I will be sending alt followers on mission once a day, and maybe check around 10 if I have time. Verulani may be a little more managed, but she first has to conclude Nagrand. With Verulani having a herbgarden, the seed-achievement went a lot quicker...and at this moment, my two lvl3-herb gardens are being built.

With the time i save, I also finished the Draenor Angling Achievement, and Mardah is on the quest to get Nat Pagle. I also did Drov yesterday..but because he drops gear 5 Ilvl's below Highmaul, I opted not to use any of my 4 seals I had at that time. Tonight Innovation will poke that raid.

Some things I noticed in my garrisons last weeks;
-NPC's do not walk through you.
-If you send out followers, they will actually walk out of the front gate.
-Followers run away like chickens when an Invasion starts
-There's an NPC in your main building who lets you view the cinematics you have encountered before.
-Seal-missions for followers can appear on non-lvl100 characters

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