donderdag 11 december 2014

More changes...

In between all the hype of new stuff, and having so much to do, something keeps creeping up. But first a little recap.

I got enough orders this week to start farming for blood....  but the I figured out, that I may really need my 5minCD on Verulani for that, the earth elemental. Those elites in Nagrand do have a lot of health.

Mardah, is about to start building her Barn. Her Mill is almost out of wood, and will be replaced. I was thinking about changing the enchanting building to storehouse, but you can d/e purples with a level 3, so I'll keep it for the moment.

I also got my first raid-mission. I need to Ilvl-up two followers first though. I did a LFR yesterday, as healer, considering waiting times, and it was easy... really easy. Got 5 Abr-stones from Kargath..nice.

THEY MADE ME HEAL. Because of lack of healers, tuesday's poke at normal put me in tree-form. Now, do mind, the moment I heard that, I had to completely figure out tree-healing in WoD within 10 minutes. Wild Growth has a casting cost??  We did down another boss... Twin Ogres methinks. Official raiding starts in Januar, so the Ilvl of our raid was from 615 to 650 I guess.

But what really irks me, is the huge amount of changes. It seems every day a new batch of little changes comes along. Today it is about fish and alchemy. Yesterday it was about the Trading Post lvl3-requirement. Last week we had changes to almost everything that seems to look like a time-sink, less pet battles, less gold, less this, less that.

Now, I have no problem with the fact that Blizzard didn't expect 3 million players to return, which made the first week 'unstable'. That was unexpected, and they did fix that quite well, but all these little changes, couldn't that have been predicted? And I find it frustrating. I finally know what to gather for one profession, and suddenly they change it. Or for one building, and suddenly it's less.

Now less is not always better. I do see why they lowered gold on Storehouse, but less pet-battles? Why? That should be grindy. And down to one exalted, three may have been much, but one is just silly. It isn't BAD that some aspects of this game are grindy, don't make eveything free please...

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