vrijdag 27 juni 2014

We are still in Pandaria

The amount of Alpha chatter is very high, people are excited, and it fills almost every channel. And after today, it will be even more.. Beta will start at 21:00 GMT+1.

This does bring us closer to patch 6.0 I hope. Innovation already is feeling the effects of the long wait. A few raids have been cancelled, a lot where undermanned. And that did slow us down, both the cancelling, and getting new members in the fold.

But, we did manage to down Nazgrim-HC. We did skip Shamans, and Sha is also not yet down, but having an unsure roster, we do need to have two targets, else more raids will not happen. Last night, on our first serious attempt on Sha-HC since I don't know-when, we reached P2, so no problem there.

One problem I do have is gear at the moment. As everyone knows, Blizzard ghost-nerfed the current content  by giving us the option to upgrade 4 times. Before that happened, I had almost all WF-normal gear two times upgraded towards Ilvl 567. In theory I can still upgrade those twice more (which I did with some like weapons/trinkets).

But I am not swimming in Valorpoints, and I now have three Heroic pieces of gear in my bags, their Ilvl is 566, one below the WF-normal-2/4. Because they are in my bags, they are from bosses we already downed, and apart from Nagrim, jave on farm, so a WF-HC version is waiting to drop for me. So, atm I am very reluctant to use the HC-gear, which I have to upgrade first to be better then the gear I am currently wearing. Which goes against the new Blizz-thingie, equip your new gear immediately.

Further personal news, is that both my Paladins are past the PvP-part of the legendary, and are now collecting some coins before the buff works off... it seems my 4th and 5th legendary cloak are not far off.... but...

I did get an e-mail today, so I am going to test this new sinus-eclipse curve for Boomk's this weekend.. if the servers are not down or whatever else happens on Beta.

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