dinsdag 3 juni 2014

The Day I Rage Quit XII

I was wondering if any of you were Nozdormu and could control time, what would you change in your WoW history? Did you leave a guild you wish you had stayed for, did you transfer servers or faction but regretted it later? Have you lost an item you can never get back or deleted something that is now gone forever?

What have you regretted?

Dragonray from Azerothian Life
This is this biweekly shared topic from Blog Azeroth, and here in lies more a philosophical question. Regretting something is normal for humans, but are you really regretting something that happened years ago, because if you could change that, wouldn't your current life change?

Of course there are things I did in World of Warcraft that I regret doing. Not doing Classic is one. But now that I am in 2014, an look back, I am happy I didn't do it, I would not be where I am now... especially concerning meeting my girlfriend in my current guild. If I would have done a different thing somewhere, I probably wouldn't be here.

Saying that, let's talk about the time I rage-quit a guild...yes, I did that stupid thing. And I don't think I actually wrote this down on this blog, that probably says something about how I felt about it back then, now lets' go back to the late summer of 2008 (insert Wayne's World sound here).

I was playing the maintankadin Gowron back then. I also did a lot more, like raid leading, loot master, class leader, and the voice of XII on the realm-forums, but starting september, I was moving, so I had to let go of a lot of those functions. Biggest thing I gave up was raid leading, I had no idea how long it would take for me to get back, so I handed that task to a co-tank-officer.

At this moment we had about 5 tanks, remember you needed a lot of tanks on some fights. By far the best where the now raidleader, another warrior, and me. The other two where lesser geared, and not that good. Further more, the other warrior was on a one-week-raid for a few weeks because of his work. That gave him a certain spot the day he was on.

Myself had missed one week, but I was able to sign up for a raid, and probably not the next few ones. At this moment XII had been wiping on Vashj for a few weeks, sofar that I even went in hours before the raid to actually figure out new tactics. Now you probably can see whats's coming.

For this evening, all 5 tanks signed up, and you only needed 2. The raid leader being one, I was expecting either me or the warrior to be the second tank. I think we actually talked about it that one of us was missing the raid. Considering how much we two did together, even being in Retribution, that would not be a problem, we where both good. But the new RL opted for going in with the same team as last two days, and bench the two well geared good tanks over the newer lesser geared one.

In /o I tried to discuss with the RL, be his was 'not to be swayed'. What really hurt me was that I actually didn't get that much support from fellow officers. Between all this, the other Tank went into a guild channel and starting arguing, and now it gets hazy, but I suppose it got to a wild discussion with me and the other tank leaving the guild.

As far as I know, if one of us would have been taken, which would have been logical considering all things, that is gear, experience, and seniority...  and us not being in the raids before (we had a rotation in XII at that moment), nothing would have happened.

But trying to remember that moment, I really regretted giving up the reigns, to someone who apparently was doing something I found against what the raid stood for. I did rejoin, but XII would never be the same for me again.

In hindsight I was partially to blame. I could have seen this coming, and the way XII was going, becoming a more hardcore mindset then I always wanted, was probably because how I lead raids, and who I left the reigns to.

But if I could go back, I wouldn't do it. Because of this I stopped raiding somewhere early 2009, started levelling a druid called Mardah, and joined Innovation late 2009, but yeah, this was the day I rage quit a raiding guild called XII

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