maandag 30 juni 2014

First steps into Beta

Spoilers ahead

Although I don't have much time ahead next weeks, something about a Guildmeet coming up, and the fact that I still raid (Sha-HC down, so now 7/14HC), I managed some time on the Beta...between servers disconnects, and world servers down.

First of, I needed to make a lvl90-template, the european transfer is not working, so what did I choose? One of my personal goals in beta is to figure out if I like the new Moonkin game-play, also, I didn't want to spoil the alliance side, so at least I have something new to look forward to, so Morshando, a Troll Boomk came onto the Beta.

Morshando had no idea what to do, really... there was no quest that pointed me somewhere, but I did find my way to Draenor, there is a portal at the cata-portals.

The first thing you do is to build your garrison, you run around doing some quests, and tada, your own town is there. There are some well know characters there, of which the next one made me shuckle.

I hope he tells it takes a while......
So far I encountered some loose quests, some rare spawns, some phased questhubs, and Thrall is running around.. Of course there is the quest where you have to release NPC's... with a spawn-time around 5 minutes...  and 500 people running around...

Considering the boomk-gameplay...  I don't know. 

The biggest problem I have is the eclipsebar. Starting a fight is not a problem, just go hit starfire, but if you are clearing mobs, you continually have to look out if you have to cast either SF or Wrath. Even the sleightest delay because of, say, moving, you have to rethink your whole plan.

But, at the moment, for levelling, that's not a real big problem, mobs die fast enough, and I sometimes see crits of 13k, wow.... but 3-sec Starfires being pushbacked because somethings hitting you... pfff, luckily my first perk was an increase of 20% to starfire.

Flying over Frostridge

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