dinsdag 19 november 2013

WoD: The Loot is dropping differently.

One raid-dungeon should not drop different I-llv stuff all over the place.

That's what I said late august in my post about loot-forged stuff. And now this tweet-stuff came up:
Ghostcrawler on some loot-stuff

Basically what he says is that a piece of loot can drop, lets call it the Sword of Uberness. Now what normally happened before all the forged stuff, that you had 3 versions of it. Every raid-difficulty dropped a slightly different one. But now, Throne of Thunder comes along, and suddenly forged stuff, so the Sword of Uberness now has 5 different forms.

But wait, it gets better, we besiege a flex, and one more form is added, so now we have 6, hurray. Wait, you want more then 6? No problem, just wait till Warlords of Draenor, and, to quote Amelia Pond, now it gets interesting.

About to send a shadow that blots out the sun.

In WoD every piece of gear has chance to get either a special, or a gem-slot, or be forged. Now, I suppose this will not be for LFR, but it will probably be for Normal Raids? So, our Sword of Uberness now has 4 different forms in one difficulty? No wait, it can actually double-proc?  Or Triple??  WHAAAAT.... that means, per difficulty-level, mmm, our nice Sword of Uberness has EIGHT different configurations?

Didn't I wrote that two different Ilvl was already a blast to handle in normal raids? Now you have 2 different Ilvl's in a total of 8 different forms....  and everybody wants the Sword of Headaches  (Sword of Uberness with Gem and a special, and forged).

So, if Normal raids will drop all this, we have an amazing 25 different forms of one and the same weapon? And if Normals will not, it's still 18 different forms...  yeesh...  I am pretty sure no one is going to bid on loot without something extra anymore....

But, good news for Mr Robot, with all these new options, people want to know what is better, more Ilvls, or a gemslot...  or is that Lifestealing actually better?  Can I please have defense back...that seemed simpler.

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