maandag 11 november 2013

Post 300 : A short evening with Garrosh

So, apparently this is my 300th post. And keeping with tradition I have some nice pictures from this weeks Sunday raid.

The key in the end was to focus killing our teammates in the last 20%, and forget about adds...oh, and look, I got myself a heirloom.

One of the many after-kill-pictures.

Mardah hangin' with Vol'Jin, mon.

....  come on, everybody made on like this..didn't they?  :)

Innovation showing off their new mounts.

Good words in a Blizzcon-weekend... but that's next.

I do feel this tier was easier then the previous two. We didn't had any major problems, well, maybe with the Dinosaur, but most fights seemed to be over very fast. Heck, we even managed some genuine one-shots along the way.

The problem I see is the next expansion, Warlords of Draenor. The Beta hasn't started for it, and an expansion-Beta takes about 6 months normally?  So, even if the manage to start it up this month, we will not see Outlands part 0.5 before June...  that's a long time do take down Garrosh on Mythi...rrr...  Heroic I guess.  Oh well, at least there are some speculation-posts coming up, and I have a nice title:

  Mardah, Conquerer of Ogrimmar

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