zondag 3 november 2013

Alt Appreciation: Warrior

And wrapping up the Alt Appreciation started by World of Lae.  This week:  Warriors

Warriors, the bane of levelling for a long while. And the only acceptable tanks during Vanilla WoW. For a long while I actually didn't had a warrior above lvl 20, why? Because they died to easily. At low level, they could tear down one enemy without problem, shredding them to pieces, but if you managed to accidentally pull two, to *gasp* even more, you'd better run.

It wasn't until me and 2 friends levelled a little together. I created Whiteheart, a dwarves Warrior-Tank. Somewhere during the ICC-summer, I made him a Troll called Whiteyyama, and just before Cata hit, he reached 80.

When I joined Innovation, a lot of my alts followed, so the troll became a dwarf again, this time called Stoneheart. He has been my main-alchemist for the last tree years now, although he has been joined by two others now to have all 3 masteries.

Stoneheart between golden flowers...

I do like playing him, but there is a little problem, he is melee. I really don't like all the hugging up, you almost can't see you character anymore. That, and the fact that you can hardly see what is bad stuff, and what is spell-stuff from your teammates, well, don't expect me to do 25man with a melee often.

This concludes the Alt Appreciation-posts. Not only did I wrote 11 posts, I also started blogging...  again... lets see how long I can keep the two posts per week up .

Thanks Lae for the idea, and no, this is by far not the last post on alts  :p

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