donderdag 23 juni 2011

No Nef for me

So, I am not in a very fast guild, but I had hoped we could have killed Nefarian pre-4.2. Alas, the raid just finished, with Nef at 30%. We are getting into Phase 3 constantly now, but one mistake means end raid.

Now, one of our Rogues is going into Night-shift, one goes on a 2 week-vacation. And me and my friend are going to Roskilde Festival this weekend. That means that from 4 people who are normally in the top5 DPS are gone the next two weeks....

Well, I am off to Roskilde, with the only three words I know in danish: To Ol, Tak (don't know if it actually should be Tø øl :p)

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Grant zei

Hey Gowron long time no speak. Its Orkishna btw.
Could you please email me at
Retribution forever