maandag 20 juni 2011

Low Lock Levelling

So, after the Horde-experience, I started levelling a human warlock. So, first the spoiler warning:

Behold, Bunnies will tell spoilers ahead.

So, there she was (yes, female, I just can't stand the human male form), standing before the church, ready to go battle wolves, orcs and...mmm...wait, Aznam? An Imp, nice. So, the first zone is mostly the same, some new quests (did I mentioned Orcs), but mostly old... just a better flow. Eastvale logging camp has a FP, so you get there much faster. A lot less running around, although I have the feeling, it is still a lot. Oh, and you don't kill Hogger.

Onwards to Westfall, which completely changed. A long story is told here, with the start-point being a murder, and the end-part is actually in Heroic Deadmines... what, lore-wise, was most striking, is that the humans have a big problem, lots of unhappy citizens. If you look at ogrimmar. most orcs are rallying for battle. The humans are begging for food. Oh, and what is that big whirlwind-thingie doing in Westfall, no one told me?

After I found the killer, I went onto Redridge Mountains. There is a very nice questline here, with you being in a squad of soldiers, ready to kill a lot of orcs.... to bad the quest at camp everstill bugged out... and because I was already on the level-treshold, onwards to Darkshore...rrr...shire (see what I did there ghostlandiers).

Now. I never did this zone often. back in the days it was a lot of running, yes RUNning, between Darkshire and Raven Hill, even taking a detour to Moonbrook Village. That changed, hurray. I actually only used the road from east to west once, they put a FP in Raven Hill. With the new Gilneas-faction, the Worgen-story is more prevalent here, and a lot of quests seem follow ups from old ones. Oh, and on the old spt north-west, where some quest used to be, a rare spawn was killed.

So, after saving a soul, my lock went to the Jungle. Before I knew it, I was knee-deep in killing Kurzen's people, and slaughtering the local Wildlife for the Expedition. And they needed a page... A PAGE??, ONLY ONE??? So, I needed to find only one page, to be precise, number 14. Great... how long should that take? So I killed my first tiger and looted the page. (Insert random nightmares from pre-cata about trying to find that one page that no one had that you needed to complete the book).

And there she is now, Northern Stranglethorn (they divided STV into two zones, although it is a little strange on the map). I do have the feeling that I will outlevel N-STV, because she is lvl 29.65, and only 50% of the map is visible at the moment. Oh well, laters....

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