zaterdag 11 juni 2011

Cho'gal performance deconstructed.

And here is another attempt of mine at movies...

Looking at this (and other) movies, I came to a very logical conclusion:

Why do I need all that information.... and why do I not even notice the clutter of info? I cleared some of it up now, so I hope the battlefield will be clearer in future movies.

Somethings to note:

-Yes, I am completely trying to starfire one of our own priests.... whoops. The start was a littlefast, and at that moment I was trying to figure out if I actually had started recording.

-I think one the second ooze-spawn, I heroically forget to dps and safe the raid... or at least one, by Typhooning a stray ooze back :p

-I also noticed that I actually focus more on oozes NOT reaching the raid, then actually dps-ing them, I should actually wait a second longer to actually hit the damned slime with my shrooms. So the fight has three phases for me: 1-blast boss;2-blast adds;3-OMGaddsmustnotreachraidshroomtyphoonsunfirespam

And it seems I sometimes actually remember NOT to leave Solar, just before oozes span (pats own back)

-mmm, It seems I accidentally hit Typhoon in the last Phase. Little mistake, hey I am human....

-And for the record, it was the first pull of the evening...

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