woensdag 13 mei 2009

Block Cap

I am wondering, if you are tanking the boss, is Block-Cap still important?

I made an avoidance-set last night, where my avoidance is almost 55%, while I only have 13% block, leaving me 5% under blockcap. That means I can get hit.

In my avoidane-block-capped set, I have 1400 BV, shaving of 1400 of a 25k hit seems marginal, if he hits me again, I am still dead.. so should I still focus on blockcap for my boss-set. My avoidance is 50% in that set.

I also made a BV-set for add-packs, with 1500+BV, and being at 103.5% due to lot of blockrating, maybe I should exchange some avoidance for strengthgems in that set.

Oh my, min-maxing gear again... I like it.

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