woensdag 20 mei 2009

Being an Officer

Sometimes you wonder, should you write stuff. There are people in XII who sometimes read this, so can I write every9ng? Well, this is my blog, so why not. These are my thoughts on some matters, and if 'someone doesn't like it, their loss.

I wonder how many read my blogs, not that it matters, I write mostly for myself, and hope sometimes people learn from it. I do know I have 2 frequent readers, Hi Jorky and Kemwer :p

Since summer 2007 I have been an officer, first in Retribution, then in XII (apart from the two months I had a RL-breakdown). Being an officer means you sometimes are the target of mockery, QQ and outright nasty things. You are a public character, and guildmembers ask you everthing, or hold you responsible for stuff.

I have been ridiculed on official forums, attacked on XII-forums, and every descision I publish on behalf of the officer-corps is broken apart, sometimes just for the fun of it. Actually not that different from my RL-job.

The problem is that there comes a time, where you dont't feel like you are appreciated. For what are you doing it? Is it fun? have been there several times, but honestly, for me, being an officer is as much part of the game, as doing instances. In the two months I wasn't officer, I was missing it in the end.

For XII, I have written dozens of bulletins, a lot of rulings, and even more theorycrafting-posts. Rules are needed in a guild, not becasue we like to give rules (well, that may not entirely be true :p), but because clarity is needed. Most rulings go towards raiding and loot-distribution, so we don't need to discuss that during precious raid-time. Discussing 15 minutes about a piece of gear is stupid.

XII has been slacking with rules lately, like we were slacking in Naxx :p. 10 days ago, we thightened the Leash again. Some officers were actually complaining about the lack of fun. Most of this loss was because off the lengthly discussions during raid, the constant bickering against officer-descisions.

Mind you, descisions made by officer are 99% of the time the culmination of multiple posts on the 'where-officers-gossip-about-the-rest-of-the-guild'-forum. And we also have something ingame called /officer. So 80% of suggestions made about strategies have already been discussed by officers, and rejected.

But no, talk on vent, and try to push your point even more.. go QQ towards officer. In the end, that will not help, only slow down the raid. The cach-phrase is: If the officer says go RIGHT, then you go RIGHT. If you think LEFT is better, YOU STILL GO RIGHT, and whisper the officer, if maybe LEFT isn't a better option. Don't expect an answer, but don't push it during raids, use forums for that.

At this moment the QQ in XII is towards our old rule : First Recipe Drop goes to an Officer. Reason: The recipes has a much larger chance to stay in the guild that way. The Ruling has been called a lot of things, but the most hilarious comment I thought was the one calling the ruling Selfish...yes Selfish.

Being an officer is a lot of things, but most of the time not selfish. We think about how to run the guild, even when we are not playing, we are posting frequently on forums (1k+ posts for me on XII-forums), and we like to MAKE fun for everyone, which is almost impossible. So yes, call us selfish, so we can laugh about it.

Oh, if selfish means that we are at the receiving end of QQ, then ok, we are selfish...

Luckily, I had my breakdowns already :p, and I now look at this much more from a distance. Go QQ me, the more you QQ, the less your option are viable. Like the boy that cried Wolf....

things to do:
Change Picture, I have some new gear.
Add some more links ro blog-roll
Make a post about Paladin-talents/specs, version 3.1

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I read your blog :D. It's nice to hear some thoughts from other palies too ;)

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i read your blog, the Chemporium Empire KNOWS ALL!