zondag 7 juli 2019

Heritage, small and big

Last week, patch 8.2 dropped. 

It took me 9 days to get Flying

Before that happened, I also played a little with me Exalted Gnome

And today, I leveled old Cloudcaller to 120

Other things this weeks, included leveling pets for the pet-battles, Innovation getting Ahead of the Curve : Uu'nat. Me dying horrible on the two pulls I was there. Simming that the new Mechagon-Isle-Trinket is actually better as the Incandescent Sliver, which I can now unequip. Not getting the Murlock Cloak yet. And I have started a mount-hunt..that circle-mount looks nice for..well..gnomes.

Also..Essences... I found out that my best essence is from the new dungeon, and it seems upgrading it needs more runs in the same dungeon...oh well.. I can handle that probably.

Secondary is another story. Best apparently is from Island Expeditions, and getting to rank 4 needs more IE's. That is something I'd rather not do. Luckily the differences between the top essences is not that large. Number 2 and 3 on that list are the ones I already have from following the quest-lines. One is linked to neck-level, and the other one to follower-experience in Nazjatar. Stuff that I will likely do anyway.

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