donderdag 26 april 2018

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie

Well.. that's what I am saying a lot in another game, but for World of Warcraft, we just went into Beta, and I am still in.

To be honest, I have no idea what I did in Alpha, the testing was mostly while I was at work. I did level a little bit, and did some stuff here and there, but not really much. Now we are in beta for a few months, my Troll Druid will be leveled probably.

Alpha-Gowron trying to take down Anduin....

The problem is that I am actually playing a lot on Live now, not really playing on of me many, many 100+ characters, but leveling a Void Elf, through TBC. All those quests I forgot existed... well, after Hellfire of course. He is o level 69 and already 2 levels knee-deep in Shadowmoon Valley stuff.

Stephanus is already ready for Orgrilalala and the Shatari Skyguard. Can actually go farm Netherwing if he reaches 70, and is on the first part of the attunement to The Eye and Mount Hyjal apparently. I also forgot that the players themselves where actually responsible for getting Gorefiend back in the loop.

Stephanus ready to take on the local wildlife.

Innovation has done something new last week, Mythic Garothi Worldbreaker, not that we downed it, but there where some promising pulls. And that's what seems to be the plan, one night Mythic, two nights farming, because we definitively got Heroic on farm now. Looking only at myself, I am not that hyped to do Heroic anymore. I have adequate gear from it, some gems, some forged. I even got a Acrid Catalyst Injector, although one of my few seals is used to get a forged one.

But we have been doing heroic for a while now, and before that normal.. Why is there still normal raiding? Once upon a time normal was called flex, because that was the only raid where you din't need 25, then they changed stuff, and now both normal and heroic have flex. And I don't really see the reasons for an extra difficulty anymore.. why not just ditch one...

Innovation's Gummi Bears

And finishing with Beta, Blizzard stated that they think most specs are done now, they mentioned four which maybe are not, Balance Druid was not of those.....

Balance is fine...they say..

I do not know

I think my Solar Wrath button needs to be renewed.

Basically, I have no problem with the GCD-changes, that just needs to get used to, but the changes for balance are, well.. we know have two Astral Power generators, two DoTs and two spenders (one ST, and one AoE).

Granted, the Moon Spell is not gone, it's a talent now (instead of Astral Communion) with double the refresh rate. And Fury of Elune is now basically an AoE-DoT, So, there may be some interesting talent-choices coming I already didn't change talents every freaking fight.... 

And we still cannot really switch quickly between ST and AoE. And unless you take Moon, which does not seem great atm due to longer refresh, your main Astral Power generator will be Solar Wrath.. did I also tell you the decreased the size of Sunfire and Lunar Strike splash.. yeah..we are fine....

So,  my eye is also on some other classes. Beta really needs to convince me to stay Balance.

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