maandag 27 maart 2017

Seven point two

So, this 7.2 patch that is coming this week... do I find it to soon?

Normally I would judge it on how far Innovation is in the current raid-content. Before the release of the new tier, we should have heroic, and probably 1 or 2 Mythic bosses as a bonus. But the next tier won't be released this week, that will be in 11 weeks or so I understand. And with the nice buff we get tomorrow, and more power in the artifacts, that should actually be do-able.

So, maybe I should look to myself. Is Mardah ready for this patch! Well..almost, I could have gotten a little bit more Artifact Power in my weapon, bringing it closer to level 54, but that is peanuts. With me healing-stump on 36, and the Scythe on 53, it seems to be right on time. My Bearclaw and Kittypaws are not that happy, they are far back in the line to have a decent upgrade-path.

Mardah about to get his 53th Artifact trait

My alts are less happy, mostly because they are so few. But Verulani, Forak, Timicin and Lurche all have their main weapon on 36.. However, I am only keeping Verulani and Forak up to date, as far as possible, the rest just swims around. But, it is said this will be a great patch for alts.... I'll see about that.

In other news, which should make every moonkin antlers lit up, I got a nice Legendary last week:

Basically the best Moonkin Legendary, although sometimes the Helm or Sephuz will be better, you always want to equip this one. It comes down to one more Incarnation every normal lasting fight, around a 30 second lower cooldown, definately a keeper.

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