zaterdag 11 maart 2017

I need more talent books, a night in Nighthold.

This is a story about changing talents..a lot, and gear, and legendaries, and Tier sets..and..well...

Going through the Emerald Nightmare, Boomkins had it easy, you had some variety in talents, but those mostly came down to either choosing Guardian or Resto Affinity. The DPS-talents where set in stone, no reason to spec differently. This was because most fights where Single Target, or their Single target-phase (hello Iilgynyoth) where that important, that you didn't spec for AoE. But then Trials of Valor came out.

...and again we went in with ST-talents. Now there where adds on Odyn, but they didn't last for long, and where rather spread out, so out of reach of Starfall. Guarm was completely ST, but then Helya Happened, and for the first time I respecced...and since then, respeccing is something I do for every boss.

But it is not just respeccing, I am also juggling around Trinkets, Legendaries and Tier-Pieces, the latter, because Tier-bonus for Balance is purely Single- Target Starsurge-based, so equipping Higher Ilvl bon-tier sets is a better option if you hardly use Starsurge during a boss fight.


MeMe build, full AoE, I try to go for high Ilvl over Tier here, you hardly use Starsurge. Trinkets are my Stargate and Twisting Winds. This is the only fight where I find Twisting Winds usable, a static main-target with lots of adds around. I am also using my Sephuz here with Entangling Roots, mini-heroism every 30 seconds.

Chronomatic Anomaly

All around build here, which is basically taking Stellar Drift over Nature's Balance. Most of this fight is single target, but the adds live long enough to make using Stellar Drift a good option. Sephuz also works nicely here, you can Solar Beam the big adds, and root the small ones. Tiersets and ST-trinkets here, although a on-use AoE-trinket would also work, but I don't have that.

All around build

Full ST build here, no adds, just eating cakes, which makes Feral Affinity a thing here. Tier and ST-trinkets, but no Sephuz needed, luckily I have a third Legendary, free Lay on Hands every 2 minutes.

Single Target build

Spellblade Aluriel

This is an interesting boss. Your talent choice will mostly depend on what the rest of the raid is doing. The first time I was here with Innovation, I went in with the same build as on Anomaly, but I noticed that the adds weren't dying fast enough. So I changed it to MeMe, but the boss wasn't dying fast enough. 

After several things to do, I am now using a Starlord-AoE-build, with  ST-gear. So Tier, ST-trinkets and no Sephuz, only fire adds are interrupt-able, and I prefer the big Regrowth here, so much damage going around.

Starlord-AoE build

Hippy (High Botanist Tel'arn)

Same strategy as on Skorpyron, Full AoE-build. After 50% you will not be using Starsurge anymore, so definitely don't take Starlord. I am bringing both a ST-trinket and a AoE-trinket here, and I might go 2T19 here over stats, because of 50% mostly ST.

Sephuz is very usable here, the little adds can be rooted...BUT.. we found out there was a little hiccup here. Rooted mobs will attack in melee-range even when fixating another target. And because our raid is melee-heavy, some of them are assigned to kill plants when not fixated, which makes using entangling roots a problem.... wtb more ranged for Innovation. At the moment I am not using Sephuz here, and using Typhoon.


DuH! Single Target all the way. There shouldn't be adds... and if they spawn they die so quick it is now worth casting MF or SF on them.

So, as you can see, I am basically respeccing/gearing/trinketting every boss. This is how far we got so far in Heroic, and this post is getting long, so the other bosses will be for next post. But here are some quick things as remarks. Level 30, 45 and 60 talents are purely situational. I normally run Displacer Beast (hurray, a blink), Guardian Affinity and Mass Entanglement to proc Sephuz.

The reason I am taking Guardian Affinity is for those moments a tank dies, and there is a short cool-down left on a battle-rez.  I know the guides say go Resto, but there will come a day again, Mardah-bear will safe da day....

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