vrijdag 29 april 2016

We are still cookie-cuttered.

I have this idea in my head about writing about what we miss these days in World of Warcraft. What is the difference between then an now, and are there possible solutions to get something of that back..if I can actually figure out of what 'that' is.

But every time I start, it becomes this big blur of thoughts where I cannot seem to make sense of, where do I start? Where do I go? Am I making sense to myself? Well..  have some random thought:

One of the things I actually miss is the old talent tree system. Remember that system? You got your first talent point at level 10, and then every level another one. And one point would give you 1% more block or something small. The reason why they got rid of it was that everyone used the same cookie-cutter spec.

So if you where a fire mage, you had to have a certain spec, and being a Tankadin, you'd better had 41 point to reach Avengers Shield... and who played a tankadin with a spec like 0/40/21....  oh..yeah..that would be me at the end of TBC.

Now, to be honest, I think the new talent system works. Although, the amount of times we pulled a boss, and I forgot to change a talent are numerous. Which basically means we still have cookie-cutter specs, only for each boss, instead of all-around. But it works, for end-level stuff.

When you level, you have to wait 15 levels before you get a talentpoint these days. And than you get the choice between three talents which you probably don't really need while levelling. And that is something I don't like. I liked levelling and getting that point when I levelled up. It was a nice little reward. And you had to think what to take, it was the basic of theory-crafting.

So here is one solution, at least to make levelling more fun again, use a talent tree for levelling, and the moment you hit max level, it is replaced in your UI with the 'modern' system for different choices. This would make levelling more fun I think..although..the time we actually where one level for more than an hour is gone...  well..maybe lvl98 and lvl99 take a little more time.. a little.

..but increase levelling speed and heirlooms...  that's for a later post.

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