maandag 25 april 2016

The things we miss....

I don't think we where prepared for the backlash about shutting down a Private Server. Before Nostalrius, private servers where on the background, hidden in the shadows of the Internet.

I was aware they existed, and have been for a long time, but I never gave much thought about it. They where illegal according to Blizzard, and the law, and I know they probably cost Blizzard some money. But as stated last time, I really didn't care.

The amount of people playing there where probably not to many. And they where probably people either not willing, or not able to pay the Blizzard Price, but then... Nostalrius. I am pretty sure some people stopped playing, and paying, for retail, just to go to Nostalrius. And knowing my fellow players, some probably put that in as reason why they stopped.

And although the shitstorm it was at the start of the backlash of the shutdown, which almost looked like a World of Warcraft Civil War, the forums have now shifted to the reason why Blizzard should, or should not, start Legacy Servers. And if you are weak of heart, don't try to visit forum-posts about it. Well-thought posts are far apart.

My opinion is simple: Yes, there is a market for Legacy-servers, but, if people have to pay for it, why would they not pay for retail, because Vanilla had some large flaws. I think it will be popular at the start, and than fade away... apart for maybe enough players for one server.

But, maybe Blizzard could take note from some of the complaints, I hope. Not for Legion, but isn't it time for WoW version 2? At least we could get rid of that bag-pack with 16 places...

But this whole thing, and my little journey on Nostalrius, has made me think about stuff I really liked in the game that are gone..and also about stuff I am happy is gone. But that is for another post.

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