maandag 2 maart 2015

Sometimes it is too much?

I should have played much more last week, I had a vacation. But when I logged on on wednesday, I found out that the new recipes where sold by traders who only spawned sometimes. Even worse, no trader spawned on wednesday itself. I was not amused.

Although I didn't play in Vanilla, the first year of TBC was almost the same looking at recipes. A lot where not always available from the seller, or in faraway places. I remember just sitting in Everlook and clicking the seller every 10 minutes orso, hoping the ecipe was available. There was also this trader in the desolace, which only spwaned after someone did a quest.

I never found that fun, so I actually didn't play that much last wednesday and thursday. It even affected my raidmentality last thursday, I was not really in it. I did my stuff, but that's all. Lucky, on friday it went better again, and I even did some LFR's with some alts.

I suppose I just had a little WoW-overload last week, happens sometimes I guess. After Friday, I went into overdrive. Doing all the stuff again. What I do miss, is a continous guildchat while logging. I sometimes miss parts of conversations due to alting.

A lot of my alts are now using the new heirlooms. I have a full strength-plate and cloth-set for my alts. I did not go for the mail and leather, considering I only have one monk, and another hunter to level. The rest are clothies and plate-wearers.

..and I was reminded that I completely forgot about the new pets somewhere this weekend. Something for next vacation I guess.

Two discussions popped up for me last week, which I may need to delve into a little more in a later post. The first was a guild-discussion about reforging. Some people are seem to hate it so much. The other was about the Holy Paladin weapon in BRF.

Yeah, there is none. Which was a discussion on some boards, with most people just going for the 'is just LFR' or 'join a normal raid' camp. Being a 'free'raider in Wrath, I have objections to those two. Not that I think that every slot should be available in an LFR, but again, later post.

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