maandag 2 maart 2015

Gold, Gold, Gold everywhere??!

Blizzard is going to sell game-tokens for real cash (euros for me). These can than be sold on the auction house (not traded, only sold). The selling price will be determined by Blizzard. No undercutting.

 A quick google-scan learned me that 1000 gold sells for about a half euro. My current subscription is 12.99 euro/month. Now, I am not sure blizzard is going to sell these for 12 euros. It will probably be a little bi more expensive. Lets go with 15 euros for a game-token.

Question: Would you buy a month of WoW for 30k gold?

No, I have a decent job. I don't feel the need to buy gametime with gold.

Question: Would you buy 30k gold for 15 euros.

No, maybe. The problem here is the need for gold. At the moment I have sufficient funds.

The maybe is because I am not only playing on Argent Dawn. I am also playing on The Sha'Tar, where my funds are considerably lower. So, a one-time infusion of 30k there would not be bad. But that is a onetime-thingy.

For myself, it is the fact that I am not going to buy expensive 100k alliance-bikes. I don't have the gold, and it is just a mount. Would I pay 40 euros for that mount? No way. Now, there are enough people out there who might do that.

My gut-feeling says, there are probably more people with excess gold who might use it for some game-time then there are people who would buy the actual tokens for real money. And then Economy kicks in... but I am a Science-guy, so I am not going to delve into that too much.

Although, more buyers then sellers would probably better for Blizzard, it means tokens will always be sold. The moment it goes vice-versa, more sellers then buyers, the whole system collapses..for a time.

I am not a fan of this new (possible?) token, but also not really against it.

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