donderdag 21 augustus 2014

Leave your guilds now?

Innovation's last raiding week can be explained with one Picture:

Heroic Malkorok - finally with 25 men.
A whole week of trying to get Malkorok down on Heroic. To be honest, only tuesday with a full team. The fact that we didn't got a full team till tuesday is strange, but more strange is the amount of new names. last week Innovations website started to produce several potential recruits. How did that happen?

Well, our raid started a little late last Thursday, about 20 minutes, something to do with that date we all have now, 13th November. And suddenly the whole World of Warcraft had a deadline. Whatever you are doing now, everything changes on that date, better prepare.

And for some, that means leaving their old 10-man guild, and try to find a 25-man guild. One of the recruits even stated that was the main reason behind looking for a new guild. They don't believe their current guild will recruit enough people before WoD, or not enough able people. While Innovation already has a working and running modus operandi.

If that pays of for them, or for us, is a question for the future. At the moment Innovation has more cannon-fodder to throw at bosses, and with Malky close to death, we are on track to do the same as last expansion, ending 8 heroic bosses in. Although last expansion only had 8 in the last tier.

I am wondering though, how many guilds have problems now, either the 10's for loosing members, and seeing their guilds dissolve, and for the 25's, who struggled the last few years to keep 25, and now suddenly everyone wants to join?

Also, malky close to death may seem strange, considering we didn't get him below 40%, but, to cath a phrase, through wiping, we learn. The moment we have no deaths first three minutes, it will be done. Rince and repeat-boss.

I also decided that I will continue playing boomkin for now. That glyph of flapping wings is hilarious. And on the alt-front, well, I now have Five cloaks, so legendary....

Timicin has his cloak.

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