vrijdag 29 augustus 2014

Heroic Shamans and Malkorok down.

Sunday evening, Innovation started at Juggernaut HC as a warm up before we would try the Shamans for the first time. We had the peptalks, the new things that would happen, and then the timer went of. the pull was a little bit messy, and we had some things to get used to, so we wiped... at 20%.

Wiping on a first try is nothing new and/or strange, but at 20%?? We went in again, everyone now attuned to the new things happening, and they went down with almost no problems, a little anti-climax I would say. As one of us said; "Maybe we should have done this a few weeks earlier."

After this sudden kill, we made quick work of the Orc, and looked our second not-yet-killed boss in the eye, Malkorok. We already had one week of wiping on him before, and after all the excitement on sunday evening, well, nope, would not happen.

Tuesday was another sparring-night with him, and we did get him under the 20%, but little mistakes kept crawling in. And with Malkorok, it doesn't matter if the mistake is early or late in the fight, you can just see the raid crumbling under too much pressure after that. This one is really in the catagory: Frustrating Boss fights.

The raid was extended to thursday, and luckily after 5 wipes, the mistakes were not big enough, and we had a second P2 with 90% alive (at least), so after 68 wipes orso, Malkorok went down, bringing Innovation one heroic boss further then last end-tier  ;)

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