zondag 15 januari 2012

Random thoughts before the raid....

So, It's now raid-start-time, and I have no idea If I am going to be picked. I know we killed 'lower' DragonSoul last Thursday because I was there, so Ultraxion is next.

Before me I see some of my guildies (I am sitting on the keg). One of our druid-healers (kris), and our DK-tank Morrie. Cisse is sitting besides me, both in flight form btw.

Our OP-almost legendary-wearing-dragonrogue is swearing at our forums, probably they ate his post. And we are al just waiting for the pickups. Calendar shows 15 sign-ins.... blaagh, so no 25...again,we could really use some extra people (hint, hint).

Ah, some people seem to be in DS now, with 17 people online....  still waiting to see what happens. Although normally speaking, I was there last thursday, so I probably be...ooh..invite, last one in it seems.

So, time to get my pre-raid-black coffee, and get my zen-thing going to start, laters  :)

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Anoniem zei

Silly Mardah, you're one of our highest dps, you have a higher chance to be chosen due to that ;p