dinsdag 10 januari 2012

Innovation : LFM

So... my guild Innovation has a little problem, which is summed up by SWTOR or Skyrim or UFO, or something....  not enough people sign up anymore :(

That means we usually have around 17 people signing in for our 25's.... which of course is not enough.

So, if you are a healer (preferably not a druid), or a ranged DPS (again, preferably not a druid), and you like some less-hardcore, more relaxed raiding focused on 25-normal... well...

visit:  the Innovation Web Site

And to give some idea's what we have been doing lately with some 10man normals:

After 17 wipes, on the last pull of 2011

..and after the first raidweek in 2012 (only 3 wipes to our surprise).

Some things to consider. We may accept more druids, but alas, we have a lot of them.... same goes a little bit for Melee and Tanks, although a Tankadin (the irony, considering my past  :p) may be considered.

Oh, and somewhere in the vacation-weeks, we did a little raid to Firelands, and one-shotted Staghelm Heroic??? No idea how that happened though....  too much christmas-stuffing probably...

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