vrijdag 11 december 2020


In a big surprise, Nialedd, my Demon Hunter, reached 60 just before week 3 started. I was definitely not planning that, but there where reasons.

First, for someone whose primary objective is raiding, there is almost no other endgame. I did some Mythics, but M+ is not for me, as said many times before. PvP is something I try to completely avoid. So Mardah is now basically doing some weekly stuff on Wednesday, and some daily stuff, like miss..rr..adventures and emiss...rr..callings.

So last week, Mardah was mostly done after an hour or two, and I started levelling some alts. The main reason Nialedd made it to 60 as first alt, is leatherworking. I need a piece of leather boots for the Leggo I am going to make next Thursday. 

Nialedd follows Kyrian

I also used the Path of Faith option for Nialedd, and random dungeons actually give a decent amount of XP, so, between dungeons, doing some worldquests and stuff, 60 was reached  quit easily... maybe my Tankadin, who is 55, will follow soon, that one is actually doing the normal route, think he is in Maldraxxus on the third sword.

On the profession side, Mardah is max JC and Enchanting, Nialedd is max Skinning and LW, and my little noam rogue can make the missives. Oh, Lurche is max tailoring because cloth drops everywhere for everyone.

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