zondag 22 november 2020

The last days of battle.

Choice is made, I will start Shadowlands as Balance Druid. Every expansion I think about playing another class as main, and every time Druids are to much fun. I was a little weary of the New Balance, but I found out it wasn't that bad during pre-patch. The things that actually bothered me was the interaction with the azerite traits, but those will be gone in two days. 

Covenant also has been chosen. Now, I am not in a high end Mythic Guild, but that does not mean I am going to choose a route which is bad. Not the best is an option, but outright choosing a route that leads to a bad road is..well..actually, something I might do in real life, but not in a numbers game. And I don't mind a small loss for a more fun ability, but for a long time there was like a big gap between the top covenant and the second. For a long time it seemed Venthyr was the way to go, just macro the ability to Incarnation and forget about it for the next two years. Then Kyrian topped out, by a lot, till they nerfed a conduit, which made Night Fae almost on par, and probably better on Single Target. So, I will go Night Fae, and completely expect that the one, no Moonkin is talking about, Necrolord, will in patch 9.2 be the heart of some silly combo. 
The most famous place in WoW at the moment.

I also had some thoughts about the professions. Mardah is Enchanter and Jewelcrafter. I thought about going back to Skinner/Leatherworker, but I think that it would be better to have Enchanting on my main, a more steadily source of purples. I am dependent on my alts for Jewelcrafting, but I don't recall being that a big problem in BfA. 
Bagjam, when all hell break loose

So, during this 'Where is the Scourge' Invasion, I decided on my main army of alts, and ran them through Icecrown for some gear ups. 

Stonetamer, Beastmaster Hunter, Mining/Engineering, Night Fae 
Meddwyn, Protection Paladin, Mining/Blacksmithing, Venthyr 
Nialedd, Vengeance Demon Hunter, Skinning/Leatherworking, Kyrian 
Lurche, Frost Mage, Tailoring/Enchanting, Venthyr 
Stoneheart, Arms Warrior, Herbalism/Alchemy, Kyrian 
Tiramuria, Assassin Rogue, Herbalism/Inscription, Necrolord 

That seems a lot, but is actually a smaller army that I had in TBC and Wrath, when transmutation masters still where a thing. My idea is not to leave them to far behind, especially the two miners to fuel my gems.

The other big spot during pre patch, for the mount!

In two days, we all be crossing over to the Shadowlands, and for the coming months everything will be fine. The first raid is already on the calendar, and in two years we will know who the End Boss of this expansion was, if we take down Sylvanas somewhere, or that it was all a scheme for something different. Time will tell, time to meet some old friends in the afterlife.

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