vrijdag 27 november 2015

Legions of Valor Points.

It worked Blizzard, good job!

What worked?  Well..  the effort to make people do dungeons again.

Looking at myself, I did 5 timealkers last week, all the Mythics. and some Heroics. I even strolled into HFC-LFR's last Saturday...although I must say, that some alcohol was involved.

And looking at Innovation, I am not the only one. More people are running dungeons again. Everyone wants their Valor Points, their chance on a Mount, and their chance on trinketssss...prrety trinketssss.

Speaking about trinket. I got the Orb somehwere in the weekend, and last night I got the Tank and the Strength trinkets in one Everbloom run. Which is nice, especially considering that the two I am missing now, agility and healing, are roles I can put my loot specialization on.

But...there is always a but..

What will happen in two to four weeks? All the trinkets have been gained? And all my gear will be upgraded. So I need to do only 2-3 mythics a week max, to keep possible new gear upgraded,

What else can we do with the Valor Points?

And then there is all this news from the Legion Alpha. I will not go to much in spoilers (about the Lore), but I can tell you that Balance gets one of the cooler-named talents:  Starlord.

I am actually waiting on news what the Artifact Weapons will do. The list of Legendaries that dropped this week gives no clue about that. The Legendaries will be rare, although with powerfull effects, but rare...  and grindy I guess?  There are discussions that you need them for worldfirsts. I can see some of them having a small effect on that, but..well...I ain't a world-firster anuway.

....and while writing this, MMO-champion came with the Artifact-Calculator. At first sight, I am not impressed. It seems like ye ole talent-system. A few percent more damage/healing on random spells, and sometimes a Huge Talent. I have no idea if you can get al the talents in the end, or only half. Need more info.

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