donderdag 23 oktober 2014


This time of the WoW-years are always strange. So much new information, all add-ons need updating, spells disappera, or re-appear. And sometimes you have to relearn your class completely. I have seen this before, and it's always the same.

There seems to be a very high number of people coming back to the game with this latest lol-patch. Doing a lot of things, they couldn't do last months, mostly because of not being there. And for me, and players like me, it's all...meh...

Does it say something that on Patchday, I was bored so fast, that I actually played my Frosty DK through her last 2 levels, making her my 11th max-level char on Argent Dawn? Actually, most time on patch-day was spent cleaning up bags... and waiting for the add-on Althoholic to update. I really can't play without that add-on anymore it seems... and it's not even for raiding.

The day before massive plastic surgery

The barbershop

Another thing that had to be done, was going to the barber on several characters. My Paladin was completely off, so he needed a new head-cut... I am also not liking the gnome when they just stand around, but because I don't like any of the other faces, nothing changed for them. My Trio of Draenai didn't need a change, and the only change to my Dwarves, was a new beard for Stonehear, Lorinthe changed hairstyles, and Mardah, well..  Mardah.  There was something wrong with her new face...

The not well done plastic surgery


To be honest, I hardly notice it. It takes a little time to get used to smaller health-pools, but everything dies so fast.. I actually killed Attuman so fast he was not able to mount his horse..and dropped no loot. Innovation did a norma...rrr...heroic raid last week, and everything died so fast..  which is normal in lolpatches. But stat-squish combined with new power... well..  we skipped a lot of phases during this clear. Although we still had a wipe-call at garrosh, because our melee where testing if the bomb does less damage...  which it probably does, but still enough to splat the melee.

Wicked Mardah

Balancing Eclipse

The new Moonkin-rotation-thingy is strange. I trained to get the patchwork-style in my head, but on trash and bosses I can hardly do that. Either becasue trash is dead before I can cast two spells, or because of movement. Because of the fluidic eclipsebar I can not start moving with an idea what to cast when I stop. If I have to move a little.. well.. that measn I just skip a spell probably, but longer movement, means one of my eyes is continously on the eclipse-bar..where am I, what to cast...  And 15k instead of 300k DPS is amazing...

Food for thought; our dps went down with a factor 20, our health with a factor 5..

Tonight, we will start Mythical..with a max of 20 people....

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