maandag 14 april 2014

Strange encounters of the Third Cloak.

The character that reached level 90 as tenth, somewhere last december, has finished her quest. The long waits on all the random drops is finally over. Her battle with the Black Prince was quickly over (one-shot). The only problem was a saturday-evening hunt on four different Celestials, I think it took me three hours, but after that it was of to Cho and the little dragon;

Fiery Lorinthe hovering.
So, I now have cloaks, and since this weekend, also 11 level 90's. Although I was expecting my mage to be there next, last two weekends, I went full with an old Death Knight of me. I did all the Jade Forest and Kun-Lai quests, and reached level 89.6, so some quick Klaxxi-quest later, this traveler on Sha'Tar/Moonglade joined my other level 90's

I am actually in the same guild on that server, as an old friend of mine, by pure coincidence. I did noticed that he was playing around a little on The Sha'Tar, which probably, unconsiously let me made a priest there. Ynyr was happy leveling, and I had me normal share of random guild-invites. Then I got a guild-invite from a guild with a name which didn't put me off right away, so I did a /who, saw 15 online and thought, why not.

 A few days later, I was playing him again, or rather learning some professions, when the next thing happened;

So, after a big laugh, I gathered myself together, it seems we always end up in each others guilds.

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